New ways of working

As part of our transformation agenda, we are focused on optimising the way our teams work to achieve quality outcomes for clients and improve our ability to deliver technology solutions and upgrades quickly. 

This is a purposeful shift, and we have already started moving to the scaled agile model – a framework for implementing agile practices at an enterprise scale. 

The benefits of being agile

Increasing collaboration and moving to an iterative cycle of development and implementation will enable teams to adapt as the situation demands. This will provide greater opportunities to observe, test and adjust to ensure an outcome is delivered with the greatest user-centricity.

By adapting to an agile model and mindset, we can:

  • Deliver value quickly in a cost-effective way 
  • Achieve high-quality outcomes in a realistic timeframe 
  • Assess and adapt to changing requirements throughout the process 

Scaled agile also helps guide responsibilities and promotes alignment and agility across many teams. As more organisations adopt the practice, we must adapt to maintain high-quality solutions and improve our pace of delivery. 

Scaled agile in action

We are currently piloting a persistent multi-functional squad structure within our digital solutions team, who are working on new features for Member Online. The squad brings together our design, development, service and operations teams, while the process itself will enable us to accelerate, innovate and be more responsive to project changes. Once the pilot is complete, we will look to adopt this structure across other delivery teams.

To ensure we are positioned for success, we have partnered with Elabor8, a specialist consultancy with expertise in creating business agility. With experience advising large, complex organisations, Elabor8 has challenged us to do things differently while  providing interactive training, hands-on coaching and helping to mobilise our dedicated agile squad.

Happier teams deliver better results

Our pilot team is excited about moving to an agile model and embracing a new way of working. Breaking projects down into small, easily deliverable pieces until completion means they can see the impact of their efforts sooner. This results in greater motivation and a stronger commitment to achieving client outcomes and goals.

"For clients, it means a greater focus on outcomes and involvement in the end-to-end delivery process; for partners, it enables innovation and better alignment in how we deliver change end-to-end. And, for our people, it unlocks more opportunities to learn and develop; lifts work satisfaction and builds greater connectivity within teams, so they can immediately see the impact they are making individually and collectively."

Danielle Webster, General Manager CX & Solutions, Link Group RSS

It’s exciting to create alternative and new opportunities for skill development, job enrichment and career progression for our people right across the organisation. To learn more about our move to a scaled agile framework, please contact your Client Partnership Manager.