What lies ahead for our industry

As 2023 begins, we look back on some of our best accomplishments from 2022, made possible by invaluable collaborations with our clients. It’s also an opportune time to share thoughts from our senior leaders on what they believe will be pertinent to the industry and members this coming year.

Rory Sheehan, Chief Operating Officer, Link Group RSS

2022 Greatest Achievement: The Client Partnership team delivered improved member outcomes and experience for clients, some meaningful and more complex, and others incremental. They achieved this through strategic alignment, collaboration and using a more experience-led approach. 

2023 Best Opportunity: While consolidation and productivity activity will continue this year; the lack of significant regulatory change gives the industry an opportunity to execute more strategic activities to ensure funds and partners are future fit for the long term.

Danielle Webster, General Manager - Customer Experience and Solutions, Link Group RSS

2022 Greatest Achievement: We are excited to have completed the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) build of our new retirement platform, our first step towards helping clients deliver better retirement outcomes and a tailored experience to their members. The platform uses adaptive technology to evolve with changing needs and promotes continuous innovation with our clients and partners.

2023 Best Opportunity: The industry has a clear directive to improve retirement outcomes for members. Essential to enhancing member engagement is providing help and guidance at every stage of a member’s journey and optimising data to enrich and personalise interactions. This must be underpinned by support through an extended range of channels and experience-led design.

Devan Naidoo, Technology Director, Link Group RSS

2022 Greatest Achievement: We have taken strides in building a world-class client-centric data and analytics operating model that streamlines the user experience. Monthly releases have reduced lead times by more than half; we have strengthened the Project Management Office (PMO), and support from our teams has contributed to servicing more members and delivering outcomes sooner.

2023 Best Opportunity: We expect self-service, digital transformation and straight-through processing opportunities to continue. There will also be an increased focus on stringent data security requirements. On the flip side, funds will also be looking to unlock more value from their data alongside a driving need to differentiate while having a single view of their member journeys.

Richard Wilson, General Manager, Link Group RSS UK

2022 Greatest Achievement: We have continued to develop our proposition to a point where we are now delivering a market-leading service and have successfully acquired HS Pensions, doubling the size of our business and increasing our client base and capabilities in the UK market.

2023 Best Opportunity: In 2023, the UK industry will need to make a positive move to increase retirement savings and give members greater control over their pensions. More than ever before, this will require the industry to become more unified and focused on the long term.

Jane Morwick, General Manager - Services and Transformation, Link Group RSS

2022 Greatest Achievement: The continued commitment of our front-line people who work tirelessly every day to provide a great member experience. In my eyes, they really are the unsung heroes here at Link Group.

2023 Best Opportunity: The increase in data breaches across several industries highlights the importance of ensuring our clients can trust that member information is safe and secure. It is an absolute priority and will be a minimum requirement for every fund while supporting a strong shift towards deeper retirement conversations to facilitate expansion into longevity product offerings and personalised member engagement.

Duncan McPherson, General Manager - Link Advice, Link Group RSS

2022 Greatest Achievement: This year, through the consolidation of the financial planning industry and adviser numbers, Link Advice’s greatest achievement was delivering more than 10,000 pieces of personal advice to members for the first time.

2023 Best Opportunity: In 2023, we will welcome increased access to affordable advice for everyday Australians through the implementation of the ‘Quality of Advice’ reforms. It is an opportunity for RSS to provide integrated digital solutions to support meaningful member retirement conversations at every stage of their lives, using their preferred channel of engagement, either through help and guidance or advice.

Marcelle Ashcroft, Managing Director, Link Market Services NZ

2022 Greatest Achievement: We released ‘read & write’ APIs to our fund administration clients. Two of our most recently acquired KiwiSaver funds are using these services to improve experience and governance, and we have extended the offer to our broader client base.

2023 Best Opportunity: We see a period of consolidation in the Master Trust sector, and Link Group is working through opportunities that would contribute to the material growth of our business over the next 12 months.

Daniel Ellison, General Manager – Strategy & Business Development, Link Group RSS

2022 Greatest Achievement: Building an appreciation for the value that Link Group provides to the industry through market processes and discussions with prospects and clients around the work we've done supporting mergers and acquisitions.

2023 Best Opportunity: Further aligning and adapting our operating model to create value for funds as scrutiny continues to build on performance, controls and sustainability.